The doll’s awakening

Posted in Uncategorized on July 16, 2009 by Catnip

Clementine awakes from her slumber and looks around the room.

Who am I?
Where am I?

She narrows her doll eyes and looks down at her body.
Her hands wander over her dress. Glittery, pink.

NO! I don’t like it!  I do -not- like this!

Looking around she finds Teddy. Teddy wears brace-pants in black manchester. While undressing Teddy, Clementine keeps scanning the room with her eyes. There a pair of scissors.

Oh, Kitty got cute ears.

Clementine puts Teddy back and grabs Kitty. With scissors in one hand and kitty in the other she cuts the ears off.  Kitty bleeds white stuffing.

Yucky! Blood! Get away!

Clementine, throws the kitty away, put the ears on her butterfly hair clips and smiles.


The bottom of the princess dress lies on the floor, pink and glittery, the upper part stays on under the brace-pants.

Meow, I’m Clementine von Kitty, the wonder cat! I like to walk around and stroke against things.

Filled with cat power she walks around the room, stroking against the leg of the table. Oh, the wonders of  beeing a cat. She climb up the bed and lie there, watching everything.

Ah, what’s that?! Something is moving. I’m lying here in the best spot. I don’t want to move. It IS moving!

She stands up and with a big leap from the bed she’s dangeling in the curtain.

Ahh! Help, help!

Clementine lose her grip. Falls down and lands on her feet. She stares at the curtain that sways in the wind.

Bad, bad! Evil thing!

She starts scratching the curtain but soon realise she have no claws.

I’m Clementine von Kitty, the powerless cat.

Pouting she sits down by the bed. Grabs the cat ears from her head and throws them at kitty.

You can keep them, you worthless being. Cat’s are no fun.

And so she falls asleep. Still wondering:

Who am I?
Where am I?